Meet Our Team

Greg Green

Mr. Green has over 20 years of senior management experience in the telecommunications sector. Since the inception of the telecommunication deregulation, he has been involved in a number of competitive telecommunications companies such as NEXTLINK, Avista Communications, OneEighty Communications and Fatbeam. During his tenure at Fatbeam he led the organization from its inception to over a million dollars a month in EBITDA. At Tahoe Greg intends to invest in fiber and wireless infrastructure to generate solid returns for its shareholders.

Ted Mocarski

Mr. Mocarski served as a General Partner of Nautic Partners, where he was responsible for managing the funds’ investment efforts in the Communications Infrastructure and Services sectors. He was also co-founder and General Partner of Key Venture Partners. The majority of his investments were in tune with Novacap’s investment strategy. He was a consultant for Novacap in 2012 while a General Partner at Bank Street Capital Partners, a private equity fund focused on growth equity, which he managed and co-founded in 2010. Having made three investments with Novacap, Mr. Mocarski became a partner in 2013.

Nick Deccio

As a highly driven financial professional Nick has over a decade of experience across all areas of accounting, including financial analysis, business intelligence and strategic planning that are of great value to Tahoe as it’s plans to grow are organic and that of acquisition. Also valuable is his knowledge in developing financial models, systems and procedures that will held advance our company while efficiently monitoring our growth. With a Masters in Accounting at Gonzaga he is an example of the people the world needs.

Tammy Lange

Chief Commercial Officer

Tammy Lange is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in senior leadership, sales, management, channel management, customer service and product marketing. She is currently the leader of Tahoe's sales and marketing team, where she brings her wealth of experience and expertise to guide and lead the company's expanding efforts. Tammy has a proven track record of success in her field and has held a variety of roles throughout her career, including positions at Vyve Broadband, Fatbeam, Avista Communications, Integra Telecom, and XO Communications. Her knowledge of complex data solutions and her leadership skills make her an invaluable asset to Tahoe. Tammy's dedication and passion for her work is evident in her results, and she is committed to driving growth and success for the company.