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About Tahoe

Tahoe Network Infrastructure is a service provider specializing in the construction of private fiber optic networks utilized for Wide Area Networks (WANs) and Fiber Internet Service. While our primary focus is on providing communities of 100,000 with WANs to school districts and libraries using the FCC E-Rate program, we also provide fiber WANs and Internet Service for Carriers, Government Municipalities and Enterprise Businesses. With a custom engineered and installed solution, bandwidth is not limited to what is commercially available in the local telecom or cable company market. Our partners and customers enjoy the flexibility of choosing dark or lit  fiber solutions as well as dedicated internet access.

With a combined 100 years of experience and industry relationships, our team provides a high-quality service while eliminating waste and reducing costs. Our team excels in meeting customer expectations. We have serviced an array of customers including school districts, cities and municipalities and major carriers like Level 3, XO Communications, AT&T and Zayo.


A Washington based company, Tahoe is a registered telecommunications service provider.  As our primary service area is the mid-west, Tahoe is open to additional markets when the opportunity arises. 



At Tahoe, we believe that the traditional telco and cable company solutions are not adequate to serve the specialized needs of today’s technology requirements. Building fiber networks to meet customer needs on their own fibers is a better way to meet customer expectations and provide improved security against possible cyber-attacks. Operating with the utmost integrity, our team culture instills a sense of pride and ownership. We provide opportunities for growth and security for our customers and communities while building a sustainable business model.



Tahoe believes in partnerships rather than transactions and unique companies that are highly respected in the industry.  Our partners listed below know our attention to detail as it is a key part of their own values.


·         HMW Construction – Fiber Construction

Tahoe is continually looking for partnerships rather than transactions.  The company is looking to partner with Rural Electric Utilities and City and County Governments to build private-public fiber networks that help markets under 100,000 in population drive economic development and create jobs.

Often these communities are overlooked by the local telco and cable companies and hungry for an open access community broadband network.  Our senior management team has over 30 years of experience delivering thousands of miles of fiber lines and partnering with these underserved communities.







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