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  • Google’s Newest Cable: Nuvem September 26, 2023
    Yesterday Google unveiled yet another subsea cable project. The new cable will be named Nuvem, which is apparently Portuguese for ‘cloud’, and will connect Portugal with South Carolina. Along the way it will stop in Bermuda, which has not gotten a whole lot of subsea fiber love over the years. … [visit site to read […]
    Rob Powell
  • Industry Spotlight: maincubes CEO Oliver Menzel September 25, 2023
    The European data center market has had an interesting few years, buffeted by geopolitical changes in the energy markets and driven by ever-expanding demand from new technologies.  With us today to talk about it all isn the CEO of maincubes, Oliver Menzel.  From his perch in Frankfurt, Germany, home to one of the largest data […]
    Rob Powell
  • How Network Providers Can Capitalize on the Vast Promise of Direct-to-Consumer September 22, 2023
    This Industry Spotlight was authored by SAP’s Sandeep Chowdhury As behemoths like Google, Meta and Netflix continue to devour bandwidth across the network value chain, the common refrain among network providers who are investing so much to build the infrastructure on which platforms like these rely has been, “What about us?” … [visit site to […]
    Industry Viewpoints
  • Thursday Bytes: Arvig, Gateway, Empire, Ada Infrastructure September 21, 2023
    Three items of regional fiber news and a new player in the global data center infrastructure space: … [visit site to read more]
    Rob Powell
  • Regional Bytes: TCT, Adtran, Tombigbee, Calix, Accelecom, Alianza, FirstLight September 20, 2023
    Three regional moves with the help of key vendors, and a couple of interesting executive hires: … [visit site to read more]
    Rob Powell
  • Int’l Roundup: STACK, Subcom, GI Partners, Hurricane Electric, HGC September 19, 2023
    Here’s a quick look at some international items from the last day or three: … [visit site to read more]
    Rob Powell
  • Industry Spotlight: Metro Edge’s Craig Huffman on Chicago’s IMD1 Project September 18, 2023
    Undertaking a large development in any major city is daunting, especially when the development is as complex as a data center.  However, complicated doesn’t mean impossible, and a new entrant with local real estate expertise thinks they have found a unique way to crack it. Metro Edge Development Partners (Metro Edge) is preparing to kick […]
    Rob Powell
  • Harnessing AI’s Potential to Detect Visual Bugs Faster September 15, 2023
    This Industry Viewpoint was authored by Prashant Maloo, Senior Director at Prodapt Service providers in the Connectedness industry focus on gaining a competitive edge over the competition by maintaining a premium quality of service. However, quality assurance has been a tough challenge, given the need to master the various stages of the product life cycle, […]
    Industry Viewpoints
  • Vendor Bytes: Sabey, JetCool, Nokia, Ciena, Ribbon, Infinera September 14, 2023
    Here’s a set of vendor news items from this week worth keeping up with: … [visit site to read more] Here’s a set of vendor news items from this week worth keeping up with: … [visit site to read more]
    Rob Powell
  • Wednesday Roundup: Arcadian Infracom, Comcast Business, Lumen, Liquid September 13, 2023
    Several interesting expansions and some SASE enhancements: … [visit site to read more]
    Rob Powell